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About Jitendraa Jain

Meet Jitendraa Jain, an expert in occult science and its impacts on human energy systems. He has coached over 5000 plus apprentices in both online and offline modes, and has built a strong consulting business with 5000 plus Vastu, Astrology, Numerology, AstroVastu, Regression Therapies, Energy Medicine and Healing clients across the globe since 2012.

Jitendraa believes that to truly fix the underlying issues of life, one must dig deep and find the source of the problem. With his expertise and experience, he is sure to help you find the answers you are looking for.

He is a pioneer in Vedic engineering solutions, having designed the world’s first 360-Degree Integrated Vedic Practitioner approach. This approach is designed to resolve modern life and business issues of customers in one go, providing a comprehensive solution to their problem provinces and desires. This innovative approach has revolutionized the way Vedic engineering solutions are provided, and has been widely adopted by many customers, consultants and apprentices.

He DISMISSED the interconnectedness of life as UNIMPORTANT, sowhen he consulted with some of his clients and found that their karmic patterns were causing the issue they were facing in their business. “It became clear that the clients’ karmic patterns were the one causing problems. So, Ihad to come up with an integrated approach that included the karmic Siddhant,Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Numerology, Astro Vastu, KarmicPrinciples, Swara Yoga, Intuition and Healing. It is important to keep in mind that everything in life functions in dependence with eachother. Hence, there was a need to apply an all-inclusive approach.” Jitendra said. Thisneed was what led to the origin of the 360-degree Integrated Vedic formula.

This 360-degree Integrated Vedic formula allowed him to relieve his customers burning issues and see success in their business and prosperity in life.

How can the 360-degree approach bring a change in your destiny?

Sahaj Vastu’s 360-degree Vedic engineering approach for everyone’s personal andprofessional issues. They work to identify the root cause of your issues and how to fixthem practically and professionally.

  • Establishing a clear and precise vision for your goals
  • Eradicate the blockages and interruptions that hold you back from enjoying life
  • Make a believable and customised plan of action to achieve the said goals
  • Succeed in Vedic coaching to extract the maximum benefits of the programs
  • Create an enlightened relationship with Integrity, Health, Abundance and Spirituality
  • The programs provide professionally structured guidelines and learning to create a healthy and wealthy living environment.
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