Factory/Industrial Vastu Course

  • High Level Energy Vastu for the Commercial Sectors
  • Manifest the Unseen, See the Unseen
  • Learn to Detect Hidden Objects with the Power of your Subconscious mind and you will start Locating Hidden Objects
  • Learn to find a problem in a building on an Intuitive level where Basic Vastu fails to address or even understand the issue
  • Learn Intuitive Diagnosis of a building & physical body energy mapping of your client.
  • How to use Industrial Vastu Tools along with practical Training
  • All Industrial Vastu Tools will be provided.
  • How to correct the Earth Energy Domain for quality production by applying Advanced Industrial Remedies?
  • Learn to decode the Production Line’s Earth Energy orientation to minimize defective production & maximize quality production
  • Gemstone Lucent application – How to use in a building for the benefit of the industry?
  • The deep meditative sessions which help in sensing Earth Energy Domains
  • Learn the Art of Vastu Consultancy, how to deliver Vastu treatment honestly to your client.
  • The Industrial Vastu Course is a complete 5 days residential program in a Luxury Hotel / Resort, At Hyderabad
  • For the first day of the course, participants need to maintain complete silence.
  • With High Level Energy Vastu and Intuitive working in different major industries
  • Working on Case Studies of Industrial and Commercial Vastu Energy Pattern
  • School, College, Hospital, Casting Industry, Rolling Mill Furnace, shopping mall, Legal Consultancy, Manufacturing units, Petrol Pump, Leather Industry, Jewellery & Gems Industry, Hotel (5 Start, 4 Star, 3 Star and below), Film Industry, Real Estate, Education and Training, Vastu for Politician.
  • Vastu of different Industry is different. Learn to decode secrets of major Industries.
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