Privacy Policy

General introduction:

 At Sahaj Vastu Consulting Service, we take great care to maintain the privacy of all clients. Our services/facilities aim to provide personalized results tailored to each client’s needs. So, we hold the well-reserved right to ask for your information to serve you with practical outcomes. This written declaration intends to communicate our policies, beliefs and rules to all past, current and future visitors. We have penned down these policies to govern the functioning regulations and principles of our online establishment.


 We greatly advise all clients and students to go through all the stated policies and rules to gain clarity over the functionality of our website and the information. By visiting the website, we assume you agree with our policies. If there are any questions, doubts or objections about our regulations, contact us via email. Our team will reach back to address your concerns. We have followed the highest standards of privacy guidelines to offer all clients a comfortable and safe experience.

How do we collect your information?

 In order to smoothly operate the site and deliver the highest grade of personalization of services, we may collect relevant information. We assure you to use this information to customizeour client experiences and provide satisfying results. You can access these informative details in the following ways.

  • Through direct channels: We may ask you for information regarding your personal profile. You may fill these out during registration or sign-up or profile set-up.
  • Through passive methods: We obtain information from your browser and system when you visit our website. Tracking tools and their subsequent data are tracked to understand your website usage.
  • Through third parties: We access your activity on the platform if you use any website features involving a third party. We will only use this information for our website’s functions and tools.

Which information do we collect?

When you avail of our services, you will be asked for information. We use this input to devise a personalized experience. You can be asked for the following details when you sign up for our services.

Registration data:

    • Upon registration, you may be asked for the following:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Pin code
  • State/city/country

Payment details: As our training program and services are chargeable, we require your financial information to collect payments. When you make purchases on our website, we shall ask for the following:

  • Billing name and address
  • Bank credentials
  • Credit/debit card details
  • IP address
  • Any other relevant payment details

Demographic data:

    To serve you with the highest grade of personalization, we might ask for the following:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religion/ethnicity
  • Birth information
  • General interests/hobbies


    Your browsing behaviors are essential for understanding your intent and goals. For this reason, we may track the information about the following:
  • Time spent on the website
  • Source of origin
  • Web pages accessed within the website
  • Websites visited after leaving our page

What do we do with your collected information?

The terms of use for the above-collected information are described in this section.

We use your personal information for specific services as per your demands. Our team takes great care not to misuse your personal details and only utilizes them for the required cases. Other than services, we may use your details for the following functions.

  • To contact you for the activities happening on your profile
  • To collect feedback
  • To address any queries or grievances
  • To manage your security clauses
  • To reach out for marketing or promotional services
  • To keep you updated about your transactional functions
  • To improve our website functions and facilities

Information sharing with third parties:

We understand that clients entrust us with the maintenance of their privacy policy. We perform our utter diligence to uphold this faith and keep confidentiality intact. However, we are required to share your data with third parties in the necessary circumstances. Below are the events and parties with which we may share your information.

  • Business partners and sponsors who regulate the functioning of our website
  • All relevant service providers
  • Legal authorities in case we suspect a threat or breach of the moral code

User discretion:

 As a Sahaj Vastu Consulting Service user, you hold the right to opt out of our services at any time. You can unsubscribe from our emails or promotional services. Remember that we are not responsible for opting you out of any third-party affiliated services.

Use of other websites:

 Our website may redirect you to other links, pages and websites. We do so to enhance your user experience and expand your outreach for more information and access. Clicking on any hyperlinks will lead you to a different website. We do not claim any responsibility for the privacy policies and regulations of these pages. Sahaj Vastu Consulting Service or any part of the organization is not affiliated with these pages. We shall claim no responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from the policies of any outsourced links or web pages.

Future changes in the policies:

Our primary focus is to maintain the standards of user-friendliness and accessibility. To uphold this standard, we may amend or update our policies at any given point to support the quality of services provided. We will keep our users updated on future policy changes and modifications. 


 We have formulated our website, services and functioning of our establishment in the smoothest ways possible. However, issues and hassles may arise anytime during a user’s experience. We understand the problems and try our best to resolve them efficiently. If any user faces any struggles during any part of their user experience with us, we are available to help you find solutions. You may reach out with your grievances via email or call. Our team will be available to guide you throughout.