Negative Energies Consulting

Negative Energies  or Dark  Energies has traditionally referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. With respect to the left-hand path and right-hand path dichotomy, Negative Energies is the malicious, left-hand counterpart of benevolent white magic. In modern times, some find that the definition of “Negative Energies” has been convoluted by people who define Negative Energies or ritualistic practices that they disapprove of as “Negative Energies”.

We need to understand that energy is just energy; it is neither divine nor is it evil. You can make anything – a god or a devil – out of it. It is like electricity. Is electricity the divine or the devil? When it is lighting your house, it is the divine. If it becomes an electric chair, it is the devil. It just depends on who is operating it at that moment.

How Negative Energies are Used

  • Negative Energies may use these spirits to access information from anyone. These pieces of information may be used to inflict harm to the individual.
  • Negative Energies magicians may use spirits to mentally torture and physically harm people. There are people driven by jealousy, anger and hate who pay Negative Energies magicians to inflict harm to their relatives, friends and colleagues.
  • Negative Energies can even be hired by professionals like lawyers to win cases. Politicians and Businessmen have at times hired Negative Energies magicians to defeat their competitors. It is also a very common practice in the movie, music and modelling industries.

Negative Energies Symptoms

Keep in mind that most Negative Energies magic spells are done for specific purposes and therefore there are endless symptoms Negative Energies magic can manifest. The effect is felt differently from individual to individual according to their life situations, their overall health, and their mental state.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may need the services of a spiritual healer for a cure for Negative Energies:

  • Unexplained extreme weight loss or gain
  • Experiencing extreme body pain
  • Inability to sleep, insomnia or over sleeping
  • Inability to menstruate in women or menstruating more than normal
  • Feeling negative energy weighing down on them
  • One or more episodes of miscarriage
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Hearing someone calling their name
  • Feeling a choking sensation along the neck area
  • Hearing knocking on their door when no one is actually there
  • Speaking in foreign languages that the person would not know how to speak
  • Defecating or urinating while exorcism is happening
  • Feeling someone next to them while they sleep
  • Indulging in excess alcohol, drugs, violence and unprotected/unhealthy sex
  • Hearing strange whispering voices
  • Experiencing paranormal activities
  • Seeing shadows around them
  • Experiencing a feeling of being raped or sexually abused while dreaming or while awake
  • Drinking massive amounts of water
  • Unreasonable fear to go out or leave home
  • head telling him/her to hurt the people and to hurt the person performing the exorcism ritual
  • Forgetting incidents and moments of life
  • Hearing voices coming from the person’s
  • To be affected with financial loss
  • To struggle and have nothing work in life
  • Excessive unexplained bad luck
  • Ruined a marriage or other relationships
  • Unexplained irritability
  • Anger and emotional imbalance
  • Terrible headaches
  • Depression
  • Changes in voice and appearance
  • Acting angry and not remembering
  • To never maintain a happy relationship
  • Unexplained impotence
  • Development of skin conditions
  • Eyes turning gray
  • Excessive tears
  • Blindness
  • Very bad breath and odour
  • Occurrence of nightmares
  • Changes in voice
  • Experiencing extreme fear
  • Voice changes when speaking
  • Paranoia (like thinking someone is watching them or out to get them)
  • Inappropriate laughter or laughing for no reason


  • Understanding Negative Energies impacts
  • Understand curses and hexes
  • Chakras and Aura analysis
  • Negative Energies ritual
  • Vastu evolution and remedies
  • Astro analysis and remedies
  • Numerology analysis
  • Vastu remedies and space programming


Depending upon scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the services and remedies will be charged separately as per outcome of analysis.

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