Return Policy

Refund policy for our training programs:

Sahaj Vastu Consulting Services offers training programs such as Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology under the 360-degree integrated Vedic engineering professional & master Training program. We do so intending to up skill aspiring enthusiasts in the right direction. To maintain the integrity and transparency of the practices, we offer a no-condition refund on all our training programs. If you have purchased our training programs and wish to get a refund for it, we will issue your money back within a week from the date of your order or purchased. You may request a refund on the following grounds.

  • Dissatisfaction with the quality of teaching.

Refund policy for our consulting services:

 At Sahaj Vastu Consulting, we take great care to provide a worthwhile and satisfying client experience for all. To honor our experts’ time and reward them accordingly, we follow a strict no-refund policy for all our consulting services. No refund shall be processed for any booking, once finalized. The service, mode, date and time of slot, once availed, cannot be cancelled or transferred. In case of any inconvenience, reach out to our team, who will be there to address all your grievances. However, we shall not issue refunds in any circumstance.