AstroVastu Course

AstroVastu course further elevates your foundation of Vastu and Astro course to the next level, enabling you to analyse your horoscope along with your house plan for applying Astro Vastu remedies.

This course is based on how astrology and Vastu are interlinked, mapping of planetary forces & the zodiac with a person’s place of living thereby devising effective Astro-Vastu remedies to activate or negate the effect of any specific planet.

The course is enabled you to step-by-step learn how to map astrology and Vastu together to create perfect environment in your home and balance planetary forces in 16 zones.

  • What is Astrology
  • Understanding of 12 Houses
  • Significance of Planets and Signs (Rashi)
  • Types of Birth Charts (Kundli)
  • Planetary Relationships
  • Relationship of Planet and Sign
  • Planetary Aspect
  • Sleeping Planet & Sleeping Houses
  • Sacrifice of Planet
  • Planetary Combinations
  • Activation Age of Planet
  • Year of Sign (Rashi)
  • Impact of Planets
  • Finding of Good and Bad Planets in Charts
  • Understanding Combination of Planets
  • Remedial treatment (Upay)
  • Planetary Combination
  • 35 Year Cycle
  • Dasha , Antar Dasha of Lal Kitab
  • Prediction through Combination of Houses
  • Rules for Donation
  • What is Astro Vastu
  • How Astrology and Vastu are interconnected
  • Significance of Planets and Rashi (Sign)
  • Purpose of Astro Vastu
  • Requirement of Astro Vastu
  • Understanding of Directions
  • Importance of Significance of Panch Tatva
  • Balancing of Panch Tatva
  • Role of Color in our House
  • Finding of Good and Bad Planets in Charts
  • Identifying Things related to BAD Planets and Repositioning them to the right zone for better results
  • Understanding Combination of Planets and giving remedial treatment
  • How to check Planet related object at home
  • Planet and House activation method
  • Planetary aspects (K P) and their use as Astro Vastu Remedy
  • AstroVastu Remedies for Marriage, Child Birth, Education, Job etc
  • How to read K P script
  • Use of K P script in Astro Vastu
  • Block the root causes of your weaknesses and wasteful expenditure of time, attention and money. Same remedies will convert your spending or investments into long term gains.
  • You can decide the best suitable Direction for you to sit, work and sleep to attract holistic growth in your life.
  • AstroVastu Remedies (Basic and Advance)
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