Master Vastu Program


  • What is horoscope?
  • 12 houses of horoscope and their importance.
  • 12 signs and 9 planets – detailed explanation about their attribute and relationship
  • Identifying good and bad planets in chart
  • Aspect & hit theory – result oriented solutions
  • How to use KP script to get solution
  • Basics of AstroVastu
  • Astrology & Vastu interconnection
  • Relation of elements planet and directions
  • Planet related objects in home and their use as remedy
  • How to use Prashna Kundli for aspect and hit calculation
  • Home designing as per AstroVastu to solve problems
  • Utilizing the energy in positive way of bad houses in astrology
  • Planet and house activation
  • Calculate best direction for bedroom, study table, locker etc from horoscope
  • How to get new opportunities through benefit planets
  • AstroVastu remedies and solutions

Commercial Vastu

  • Office Vastu
  • Business Vastu
  • Shop Vastu
  • Clinic Vastu
  • Restaurant Vastu
  • School Vastu
  • Institutions Vastu
  • Petrol Pump Vastu
  • Live Cases Studies
  • Remedies
  • Report Writing


Vedic Wisdom-1 (Human System)

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Energy System
  • Minds & Body Relationship
  • Chakras & Aura
  • Karma Principals
  • Sankya Darshan
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Mandukya Upanishad

Vedic Wisdom-2 (Swara Yoga)

Swara yoga is a unique course which deals with the breathing, the very essence of life and the ways to use that very breathing to align your life and make it better. Many people have confusions of how to handle life, fears of how to deal with situations and the terrible confusion when it comes to decision making. But many few known that right breath to make all the decisions you need to make., and to succeed in whatever you do. This course just needs you to learn the movements of moon and how it changes the breath every hour. Thus, this course helps you to align and make your life better and it’s not just our mind but our breath that helps you to grow and succeed.

  • For alignment of breath – the vital force of our life
  • To complete a task smoothly without any obstacles
  • To have a successful day
  • To take best decisions
  • For attraction & manifestation
  • For predicting longevity & death
  • For success in sales and marketing
  • For success in client meet
  • For success in examination
  • For recovery of health problems
  • For success in conception of children
  • For harmony in house
  • For success and safe travels
  • Practical Mediations

Vedic Wisdom-3 (Akashic Record)

Akashic records are believed to be the repository of every thought, word, and deed of every living being, good, bad, and awful, in all times; past, present, future. But those familiar with the records report that there is no judgment or implied penalty in the records — they are said to simply be a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite.

  • Discover hidden knowledge and use it to improve your life
  • Participate in active healing of both self and others
  • Recognize your deep connection with all living beings
  • Influence the very fabric of existence with your mind
  • Easily understand your soul purpose
  • Uncover profound levels of creativity and clarity of thought.
  • Basics of are akashic records
  • Benefits of akashic records
  • How to access the akashic records
  • Prayer to access the akashic records
  • How to read the records for yourself and others
  • Importance of karmas
  • Procedure of meditation to access the akashic records
  • Clearing your records
  • Rewriting your records
  • Teacher Attunement
  • Practical Mediations
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