Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence (DMIT)

What is DMIT?

The acronym stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test.It is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns that helps in understanding an individual’s potential and personality he is born with. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins who is called the ‘Father of Dermatoglyphics’. DMIT Analysis is based on Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence Theory

Medical experts with observation, recording, comparison, induction and clinical experiences, confirmed that fingerprints provide accurate analysis of a person’s Multiple Intelligences and potential. Traditionally, IQ is used as a measurement tool of one’s level of intelligence. Dr. Howard Gardner introduced in his book, “Frames of Mind”, that man has at least 8 intelligences, and everyone has different proportions of these intelligences. We are able to discover our congenital intelligence, character trait and unknown potential through DermatoglyphicsStatistics show that the accuracy rate of dermatoglyphics analysis can be up to 90%.

How is it done?

Dermatoglyphics analysis is the combination of new computer technology and science (Quantitative analysis), by scanning and comparing the fingerprint patterns, we are able to find out the inborn talent and give suggestions according to each person’s own characteristics with no bias.

By this test one can explore a person’s direction of interest and area of strength.

It assesses the following major areas:

  1. Intrinsic potential
  2. Brain Dominance – Left brain or Right Brain
  3. Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  4. Personality types
  5. Dominant & Preferred Learning Styles (VAK),
  6. Learning Communication Character
  7. Quotient Distribution (EQ, IQ, CQ, AQ, & VQ)
  8. Innate Work Management style
  9. Relationship compatibility

Midbrain Activation Technique

we are going to explain what actually it does.

The middle brain is directly involved with motor and sensory function and any disruptions can cause irreversible damage active middle brain could link left and right brain and also help children to use many higher functions of the right brain easily.

Middle Brain is the control device for the left and right brain. It is also the bridge and a key to open the subconscious. Middle Brain activation awakens the cerebrum’s potential power by highly effective methods to boost memory, reversal of stress, absorbing power and induction force and enable mental strength and so on. Ultimately this strengthened mental ability helps perform better academically.

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