Astro Foundation Course

Three day Astro foundation course enables you to learn a step by step procedure to read your horoscope and get answers to important questions about Money, Health, Marriage, Job, Children Education , Relationships and Business.

This will answer your questions about why something happened with you, what will happen with you, when will it happen and how will it manifest.

During these 3 days, you will learn and get answers to:

  • Key elements in jyotish- Planets, Signs, Nakshatras, Houses, Cusps, Aspects, Dashas And Transits
  • Context of life is mapped with 12 houses
  • Understand your personality – physical and mental attributes
  • Map health, diseases, pain and weaknesses
  • Kind of financial resources will you have and how will you earn it
  • Your best suited profession – job, business or both
  • Predict accurate date of marriage also concluding whether it will be love or arranged one
  • Decide favorable education for your children
  •  life Mantra

Additional Benefits:

  • Lifetime membership and after course support
  • Get complete course kit and course material
  • We take max 40 participants for better attention
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